Things to Do Online When You Are Bored

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We all have those moments when we are just completely bored and need a break from the same old things we do every day. Next time you feel this way, try visiting these few fun websites and try out these Top Things to Do Online When You Are Bored!

Cartooning Yourself with Cartoonize

This website has a feature that enables a person’s photo to be turned into the most realistic cartoon character. You have to upload any photo of your choice from your computer or an URL, you then choose what cartooning effect you want and then wait for the magic to happen.

Creating Comical Mixes with Incredibox

This website is a site that enables the building of personalized music mixes; this can be done online or with an iPhone App. You start by dressing a hipster man who will act as the disk jockey. The site has several options that express voices, melodies, and music. By just placing items on top of a character, a pleasing effect is produced, and you get to create a neat little group of musicians.

Incredibox Music App Daphne

Find Your Celebrity Doppelganger

Many websites let you see which celebrity you look like, but this site seems to be by far the most accurate. This is a site that uses photos to tell your celebrity look alike. You have to upload a clear photo of you which will be matched with celebrity photos. Several options will be presented to you to decide, and you may be surprised by the results!

Size Up Everything in the Universe with Htwins

By visiting Htwins, you will realize how small all the things in the world are compared to the whole universe. With the scroll of your mouse, you can navigate from one end to the other and compare the size of just about everything in the world and the entire universe!

Size of the Universe Htwins Daphne

Watch Hilarious Videos on Vine

Vine regularly uploads fresh and compiled videos of different categories. The videos are separated into categories that are split up by animals, art, comedy, edit, music & dance, sports, weird, and much more!

Find Out Your Birthday Chart Topper

There is a website that keeps a record of the top song on YouTube each day. By feeding in your birthday details and clicking the search option, the top song video on that special day will be played.

 Birthday Song Finder Daphne

Create Epic Stickman Adventures

DrawAStickman gives you a platform to recall your high school days and recreate a stickman. You can go ahead and engage in a little adventure. This is not your average stickman, as you will take your stickman through epic adventures through an animated adventure online!

Get a Laugh out of Some AutoCorrect Fails

Most everyone has had that moment when autocorrect changes a word to something completely ridiculous. Well, this site has compiled a list of some of the funniest autocorrect fails that led to awkward situations.

There are so many funny things to do online when you are bored. Next time you are bored, or just need to take a quick break, try one of these ideas!