5 Tips for an Emergency Tire Change

Woman and children watch a auto mechanic replace their car tire

You’re driving along the road and everything is going fine. Then, all of the sudden, the unthinkable happens. Your tire goes flat. It doesn’t matter if you’ve changed a million tires or if you’re a novice. Some helpful tire changing tips can make the process easier.

Always be Prepared

Take a page out of the Boy Scout handbook and always be prepared. Keep a tire changing kit in your car just in case you need it. Mechanic’s gloves, paper towels, wheel chocks, a tire gauge, and a tire sealant will come in handy. You can even throw in some overalls to put on over your clothes so you won’t get your clothes dirty.

Make Your Presence Known

That little line on the side of the road doesn’t have an imaginary force field next to it. People can cross it at any time. Make that less likely to happen by making your presence known. Set up reflective triangles so everyone can see you. Also, make sure you are far enough off the road.

Read the Car’s Manual

Your vehicle comes with an owner’s manual that can help you quite a bit. It will include everything that you need to know about changing your tire. Thumb through it so you can get vehicle-specific information.

Use the Floor Mat as Knee Pads

Changing a tire is hard on the knees. Take out your floor mat and put it on the ground in front of the tire. Use it to kneel on while you change the tire. It will make you much more comfortable.

Put All of Your Lug Nuts in a Container

It is easy to lose lug nuts when you remove them. Prevent that from happening by putting the lug nuts in a container. If you don’t have a container, use the hub cab as a makeshift container.

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