Getting Your Beach Body Back in Daphne

Daphne Gyms

A lot of people regret how their bodies look after Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year’s Day because of all the carbs you get to stuff yourself with while being with family. The best beaches in Daphne, Alabama are Village Pointe Park Boardwalk and May Day Park.

Bounds Family Branch YMCA

The Bounds Family Branch YMCA is perfect for kids and adults, accepts credit cards, has available bike parking and is open to all without an appointment. Some people even travel and go to this gym for the beaches in Alabama. With a family-oriented environment- you can have fun losing weight while your kids are with you.

Planet Fitness in Daphne

For only $10 you can get 24-hour access to the gym Monday through Friday. The Planet Fitness in Daphne greets their members with a smile, has a five-star rating, accepts credit cards as well and when you arrive a private lot is waiting for you.

Daphne Gyms

No Off Season

Located off Highway 98 in Daphne, No Off Season is a gym that provides exercise services due to being a sports-based facility recognized for their encouragement to their members. Their motto is “There is no off season in life” meaning that working on your health is important every day of your life.

Andrea`s Zumba Fitness and Victory Fit Camp

If you love Zumba, then you will love Andrea`s Zumba Fitness and Victory Fit Camp! This facility is open on Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Andrea is a certified fitness professional trained in Belly Dancing. Her enthusiasm will encourage you to achieve the beach body that you desire. Victory Fit Camp is a personal training facility that is offering five online personal training specials for $27.

Overall, these gyms are equipped with member services ready to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle. Know that you are not alone in any of your exercising endeavors and be ready to go to the beach soon!