Internet Quizzes to Waste Some Time

Buzzfeed Internet Quiz Daphne

If you are looking for a funny internet quiz to take, there are a number to choose from online, many of them on Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is well known for their silly and not necessarily accurate quizzes. Here are some seriously Ridiculous Quizzes online that you can waste a little time on and maybe get a laugh out of!


What Age Are You, Really?

What Age Are You, Really?, is about just what the question appears to be. It asks a series of humorous questions, aimed at determining what age group your lifestyle habits are most representative of. Some of the questions include what social media site you use, what goals you have, and other questions about your lifestyle.

Buzzfeed Age Quiz Daphne

Were You A Teen In The Early ’00s?

The “Were You A Teen In The Early ’00s?” is a quiz that  consists of a checklist of things that were common things teens did during the early 2000s. The list includes things like watching MTV, wearing lightly tinted sunglasses, and recognizing vote for Pedro t-shirts.


What Grade Are You Getting In Life?

This quiz humorously tries to concretely answer a very vague and difficult to answer question “What Grade Are You Getting In Life?“. Some of the questions are related to productive, useful life habits, but the nature of the quiz is quite lighthearted and humorous. It asks questions on things like one’s workout habits, your life outside of work, debt, and your love life. It gives the quiz taker four different options for their answers to these questions. At the end, you get a letter grade for your life.

Life Grade Quiz Daphne


What Friends Character Are You?

For Friends viewers, What Friends Character Are You?, is a quiz that tells you which character on the show your personality is most like. It asks basic questions, such as what your favorite color is, your favorite song, season, and other things you like. In addition, it asks a few questions about your lifestyle habits. Seems like no one wants to be “Ross”, but don’t worry of you get him… remember, he isn’t really a cheater “they were on a break”!

Friends Cast Internet Quiz Daphne


There are tons of silly quizzes online that range from telling you which Hogwarts House you would be in, to who your mafia family would be. Just remember that these quizzes can be created by anyone… so take the results as the silly entertainment they are intended to be.