Find the Latest Safety Features on Your Next GMC

GMC Safety Features Alabama

If you are looking for your next vehicle, then you will be glad to know that GMC makes safety a priority. Regardless of the model you choose, you will find a plethora of safety features, including some of the most advanced ones available on the market.

GMC Active Tow

The Active Tow technology is perfect for Alabama drivers who use their GMC pickup or SUV to tow. This feature relies on the Rear Vision Camera overlays to make it easier to align your GMC with your trailer. It also gives you an extra camera view so you can see the trailer while driving.


Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature builds on Cruise Control, letting you follow the car in front based on the following distance you choose. This way, you don’t have to keep accelerating and braking; the system does it for you.


Following Distance Indicator

For Alabama drivers who have issues figuring out how far behind the car in front they should be to stay safe, the Following Distance Indicator lets you know exactly how far away you are. The system displays the following time and lets you know if you are too close.


Forward Collision Alert

GMC’s Forward Collision Alert system works just like you would expect. If it can tell that a front collision is about to occur, the system lets you know. It can even tell you when you are following too closely to the vehicle in front of you, building on the previous feature.


Front Automatic Braking on Your GMC

Building on the Forward Collision Alert system, GMC vehicles that are traveling at a low speed can automatically apply brakes if you haven’t taken action. This helps you avoid a collision completely or reduce its severity. Another version of this feature is Front Pedestrian Braking, which will do the same thing if it is a pedestrian in front of the vehicle instead of another car.


Lane Keep Assist

Lane Keep Assist gives you gentle steering wheel input to make sure you stay in your lane, while Lane Departure Warning lets you know when this system becomes necessary. Similarly, Lane Charge Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert gives you alerts in your side mirror so you can tell when it is safe to change lanes.


Parking Assist

Rear and front Parking Assist will give you distance-to-object alerts at low speeds, making it much easier to park your car in any type of parking space.


Rear Cross Traffic Alert

When you are driving in reverse, this system will let you know if a vehicle is coming from your right or left in the cross traffic, helping you see into your blind spots.


Safety Alert Seat

This is a GM-patented safety technology that lets you get seat-bottom vibration pulses for safety warnings instead of audible alerts, perfect for those who are hard of hearing.


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