Where to Find Sweet, Tasty Desserts in Daphne, AL

Table with various desserts
There's just something about the month of February that puts you in the mood for delicious treats. Don't worry. There are lots of places to treat your sweet tooth nearby. Head out to these local hot spots for tasty desserts that you won't soon forget! Whit's Frozen Custard It's never too cold... [read more]

Need a New Dentist? Try One of These Daphne Favorites

Daphne Dentist
Going to the dentist isn’t always a fun experience. It can be stressful or downright scary if you’ve had a bad experience before. But when you visit a local Daphne dentist that really cares, you’re sure to have a great checkup. After all, most dentists go into business because they... [read more]

Find a World of Uniqueness at La-La Land Boutique

La-La Land Boutique
Do you ever wish you knew the perfect place to pick out unique gifts and decorations? After all, you don’t want to visit the same stores that everyone else goes to. You want something new, different, and creative. Well, you may be able to find something perfect when you visit... [read more]

Noja Restaurant in Mobile is the Perfect Spot for Valentine’s Day

Noja Restaurant
It’s Valentine’s Day, and your loved one is expecting something amazing. Have you made plans yet? If not, you need to check out Noja Restaurant. This restaurant in downtown Mobile is the classiest and most romantic dining establishment in town, so it’s definitely perfect for that special Valentine’s Day dinner.... [read more]

DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Significant Other

Valentine's Day Gift Boxes
Valentine's Day is that special time of year when you have an excuse to shower your Honey with extra love. Make this year's holiday extra special with DIY gifts! Here are some great ideas for presents that your significant other is sure to love. Love List What better way to express your... [read more]

Tips for Fending Off Cold-Weather Sickness

Cold-Weather Sickness Remedies
When the weather gets cold, it’s more likely that you could come down with a cold or the flu. And since the winter is also usually a very busy time of the year, that’s the last thing you need. Don’t get into a health slump. Instead, follow these tips for... [read more]

Catch the Krickets LIVE at Manci’s Antique Club

Krickets at Manci's Antique
There is something about seeing an artist live that gives you a new appreciation for their music when you listen to it later. Now, instead of simply appreciating the sounds and melodies at face value, you'll have a thrilling memory to tie the music back to. Not only that, but... [read more]

Refresh Your Look This Year with Daphne’s Best Salons

Daphne Hair Salons
Along with the new year, you may want to make some changes to your overall look. Especially when it comes to your hair, it's easy to rock the same look for years on end, not realizing that you haven't switched it up. This year, set out to give yourself an... [read more]

Register for the 5th Annual Run for Shep Charity 5k

Run for Shep 5k
January is a time when many are working hard to stick with New Year's Resolutions. More often than not, one of these resolutions relates to health and fitness. To stay on track, it helps to have a group of people that are working toward the same goal as you. A... [read more]