Tips for Safely Traveling with Your Dog in Your GMC

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Safety is always important when you are driving and that is particularly true if you have a passenger, whether they are human. Taking your dog with you to your destination can lead to a fun car ride, but you need to take some simple steps to make sure neither of you is harmed during the journey. This is just as important if you are just driving your pooch across town to the vet as if you are taking your entire family, including the dog, on a cross-country road trip in your GMC.

Contain Your Dog

You may want to give your dog the freedom to roam the car as a way to keep him calm, but this is actually a bad idea for multiple reasons. If your dog is loose in the car, you will have a very high risk of distracted driving. After all, he may try to climb in your lap, sit next to you and beg for pets, or simply get into trouble that causes you to become distracted. Whether you are stopping your dog from chewing the seatbelt, digging out a treat, or simply petting him, this can increase your risk of an accident.

Having your dog loose in your GMC can also put him at risk. If you have to make a sudden stop or get in an accident, he will be thrown about the cabin. This won’t happen if he is safely secured, reducing his risk of injury. If you have a GMC pickup, you should always have your pooch in the cabin, not the truck bed, for this same safety reason. The easiest ways to contain your dog while traveling is with a travel crate or a seatbelt harness. However, there are other options.


Don’t Leave Him Alone

Although you should never leave your dog alone in the car for an extended period, or even a few minutes, this is particularly important during the summer. Temperatures in your car are typically significantly higher than those outside. Leaving your pooch inside for moments, even with the windows cracked, can lead to heatstroke. Similarly, don’t leave him alone in a cold car in the winter.


Dealing with Carsickness

Just like humans, some dogs get carsick. There are ways to reduce its effects so you don’t have a mess to clean up. You may want to consult your vet depending on the severity of the carsickness. You can also try to make sure your dog faces forward instead of sideways and ensure the pressure is balanced with a cool cabin.

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