Go on a Scavenger Hunt Through the City

Vintage detective on a Scavenger Hunt

Are you in the mood for an exciting adventure? Gather your family and friends together for a scavenger hunt through the city! This activity is great for people of all ages, and it’s the perfect way to bond and explore. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your adventure, today!

One Team Mini Scavenger Hunt Adventure: Pensacola

Go on a “Puzzling Adventure” through Pensacola this month! You can learn more about this great city and have loads of fun while you’re at it when you join in on the One Team Mini Scavenger Hunt. The experience will be similar to a self-guided tour with a hint of The Amazing Race, resulting in a journey that you won’t soon forget. So, add this event to your calendar for January 4 and let the fun begin!

What to Expect

First, you will receive numerous locations, questions, and puzzles. In order to receive your next location, you must answer the questions and solve the puzzles. Due to the format of the game, you’ll learn a lot about the area while you scavenge across the city.

Event Details

The game will commence on January 4, 2018. You can play between 7 AM and 7 PM.

Cost of admission is $14.99 per team. Each team can consist of up to 6 people, so gather your loved ones together for this exciting experience.

How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Would you like to plan a hunt of your own? Here’s what you need to do in order to have the most successful scavenge!

Step 1: Decide when and where you would like to have the scavenger hunt. Are you planning to have a night crawl or a morning adventure? Would you like to host your search indoors or outdoors? Weigh your options and plan accordingly.

Step 2: Decide which type of hunt you’d like to have. You can have an individual hunt or have the players group off in teams. Once that is decided, consider whether you’d like to hide the items around your location or get the neighbors involved by requiring the participants to go door-to-door.

Step 3: Once everything has been decided, it’s time to start creating your hunting list. Write down the items you’d like the participants to find. Be sure to base the level of difficulty off of the age and experience of the players.

Step 4: On separate sheets of paper, write down clues for each item. Then, hide the clues in the necessary locations.

Step 5: Purchase a gift for the scavenger hunt winner. Then, let the games begin!


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