The Search for the Best Iced Tea in Daphne, Alabama!

Mason jar glass of iced tea on rustic wood

The summer is here and many iced tea lovers will be flocking to the best cafes in Daphne, Alabama to relieve their thirst. June 10th is National Iced Tea Day and you will enjoy savoring the sweet joy of a cold glass of iced tea in over thirty flavors while sunbathing at the beach.

East Shore Café

East Shore Café is not only home too many of the delicious meals such as their crab cakes, Mexican food, and breakfast- many customers enjoy their iced tea and hot tea.

Soul Caffeine

Soul Caffeine was opened in January 2016 by four owners and is booming with great customer service, over a dozen different types of coffee and hot tea such as Iced Americano, Soul Brew, Nutella Latte, smoothies, hot chocolate and regular tea.

Spot of Tea

Spot of Tea is a family owned business located in the heart of Daphne, Alabama for over twenty years. There are several delicious breakfast items that you would enjoy such as their Cajun Omelet, their Belgian pancakes, bisque soups, and French toasts. Their choices of teas are iced tea and strawberry iced tea.

Teak House

Teak House is one of the best Asian restaurants in town serving Thai cuisine. Thai food is nationally known for their affordable sweet and delicious teas and this restaurant serves hot green tea in a teapot, green jasmine tea in a teapot, hot English tea in a teapot, and Thai Sweet iced tea with cream.

Mediterranean Sandwich Co.

Mediterranean Sandwich Co, is true to the Mediterranean cuisine that serves baklava, orzo pasta, gyros, and Greek pitas. They also serve ice tea as one of their main beverages.

Prepare for a great summer of indulgence in Daphne, Alabama dedicated to serving quality food with tasty iced tea refreshments These cafes provide excellent customer service and the search for the best iced teas in the city won`t take long. Make sure while you are also, in the area you stop by Chris Meyers Buick GMC for all your automobile needs.