Stay Healthy and Well With Help from The Health Hut

The Health Hut

When cold and flu season comes around, many people wait until they’re already sick to start focusing on their health and upping their immune systems. Instead of waiting until it’s too late, take control of your health this year by upping your body’s natural defenses before it’s too late. After all, there’s a reason everyone has heard the saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

One of the keys to preventing illness is having the right tools for fending it off. With a visit to this Daphne health and supplement store, you’ll be ready to defend against the sniffles in no time.

The Health Hut

With locations in West Mobile, Midtown, and Daphne, The Health Hut is a local favorite for natural and holistic living. When you visit one of the three locations, you’ll enjoy a locally-owned store that offers expert advice, superior products, and unmatchable service.

One of the biggest perks of shopping at The Health Hut is that you’ll have access to the Hale Ola line of herbs and essential oils. This is a big deal since The Health Hut is the exclusive producer and retailer of Hale Ola. These products are certified organic, ethically wild-harvested, pesticide-free, 3rd party lab tested, and GMO-free. This mix of care and quality produces some of the highest level herbal extracts on the market.

More Healthy Tips

Some of the tips we hear about staying well are pretty obvious. Wash your hands, cover when you cough, don’t drink after others. But there are some lesser-known tips that can also do a ton of good for your immune system. First, consider adding medium-intensity cardio to your exercise routine. Just 15–20 minutes of fast walking or a light jog has been shown to boost your immune system, as well as your mood and wellbeing. Next, it’s important to get some sun. This may be more difficult in the winter months, but try going outside for at least 10 minutes every day, whether it’s in the morning or during your lunch break. This will up your vitamin D production and will also help regulate sleep cycles, making you able to better rest and fight off micro-invaders. Lastly, listen to your body when it needs extra rest. If this means skipping a workout or a night out to rest up, then doing so may save you from compromising your immune system. Your body can tell you what you need if you’re able to listen.

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