Are You Scared? Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Daphne, Alabama residents that want to explore the world and test their personal fear factor, should try visiting some of the most terrifying places in the world! Daphne, Alabama may have some great family-friendly attractions, however, if you are looking for something more frightening, there are many different attractions to choose from. Below are just five of the top most terrifying places on Earth.

Humberstone and LaNoria

Humberstone and LaNoria are two abandoned mining towns located in Chile. The towns were founded around 1872 and were once busy mining towns. The cities and the surrounding areas were evacuated in 1960. Many believe that the cemetery is haunted and that the dead rise at night and roam the town. Throughout the year’s many ghostly images have shown up in photographs.

Ghost Town in Chile

The Mines of Paris

The Mines of Paris are a group of tunnels that run below the streets of Paris. The tunnels were once used to dig out minerals from the sediment. Although the mines are illegal to visit, many people believe that ancient cults and creatures live and roam in the tunnels. Many legends also state that spirits and ghosts dwell inside the tunnels. One of the creepiest parts of the Mines of Paris is how easy it is to get lost throughout the many holes and tunnels.

Catacombs burials of Paris France

The Island of the Dolls Xochimilco

The Island of the Dolls is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Hidden throughout the many canals in the area, this spot is famous for having hundreds of dolls and various doll parts hanging from the trees and scattered about on the ground. The legend is that a now-deceased man once lived on the island and used the dolls as a way to ward off evil spirits. Although you need a boat to access the area, many curious individuals over the years have taken the ride out to see The Island of Dolls. One thing is sure, dolls all over the woods is certainly a creepy sight!

Dolls of Xochimilco

Snake Island

Snake Island is located in Sao Paolo, Brazil. It is often noted as being the most dangerous island in the world. It is home to some of the most dangerous and poisonous snakes known to man. Many experts believe that thousands and thousands of snakes live on the island. Because it is such a dangerous place, the government forbids individuals from visiting Snake Island.

Ilha da Queimada Grande Snake Island

The Great Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole, located in Belize, is one of the most beautiful and interesting sites in the world. It’s a 1000 foot wide sinkhole that was made famous by Jacques Cousteau in 1971. He deemed it to be one of the best diving sites in the world. Although The Great Blue Hole is gorgeous, many fear the unknown that lies beneath it.

The Blue Hole Belize

There are many terrifying places on Earth to visit. This list only includes five of the scariest sites. Embark on a journey to discover more eerie places on your own. Each one offers their own bit of danger, mystery, and excitement.